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front end developer

This post is going to review one of my friends companies, Red Dragon Web Media. This is a company that has a very high standard of service and quality. They are aiming to be Seattle’s premiere digital development and marketing company, and they are very good at both web development and seo. Being a Seattle seo company has many stigma’s attached to it, and everyone wonders if the company they are thinking about using is good, but Red Dragon Web Media is on the first page of Google for a handful of relevant search terms. Having a front end developer that is focused on seo as well as design and development has helped this company provide top notch services for business owners in a fast and efficient manner.

Having great web development skills is getting almost hard to find these days as finding a “web designer” gets easier and easier… the classes at the local community college in my area were still teaching xhtml in 2015… I was truly shocked an wrote a letter to the dean of the college.

Being able to have a front end developer that understands who seo works is a great asset to a company like this. there are no second rounds of revision to address seo issues and things seem to happen much smother.

You might be wondering how I know any of this. I mentioned in the first paragraph above that I knew the owner of this company. In fact I have spent a lot of time in the office there as I went to college with the owner. I personally have been taken through the process of how they develop a website from beginning to end, and it is planned and executed very well.

The only thing I don’t have first hand knowledge of when it comes to this company is their exact ranking process. I have how ever seen their case studies and even hung around during some of the drafting of the client reporting, and they rank sites like it’s a science.

Please feel free to follow any of the link in this post to check out the Red Dragon Web Media company for all of your seo and web development needs, and thanks for reading!